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Since October 2012 my mother, Mrs Annie Howard, has been a resident of Moreland Care Home, Gidea Park. I felt very nervous about this and did worry whether she would settle in, but I am truly so grateful for the care she has had, the Manager and staff are amazing, it really is like a family home. My mother, who is ninety five years of age, suffers from dementia and arthritis in her spine.

I should like to express my pleasure at the way she has been cared for, during the five months that she has been there, during her more coherent moments she has said the same thing herself.

My sincere thanks to the management, carers and other staff of the home for their patience and for the kindness they have shown towards her.

~ Ann Huxtable


I recently had cause to ask for assistance from Social Services for some respite for my mother. She is nearly 94 years old and I am her sole carer. After my brother was diagnosed with Lymphoma Cancer and I had to visit him in London several times a week, it became too much to do everything for Mum as well i.e. Shopping, washing, doctors, hospital & cleaning etc.

Social Services found mum a place at Moreland House Care home for a few weeks. I cannot believe the transformation in her. She is smiling most of the time and walks with her frame more confidently now. She has a lovely room, is fed regularly (she wasn't eating at home) and has social contact. She is registered blind and is quite deaf and has Dementia but is now inter-acting with the staff and other residents.

Jane, the manager, is very caring and patient, as are all the staff and Mum has responded well with regular structure to her days and bedtime. (Before she was going to bed at lunchtime and wandering at night). There is a carer situated on the landing area all night should any resident need attention. I have been given such peace of mind that Mum is cared for 24/7. I was not getting any sleep as she used to ring me at all hours and then I worried in between whether she had fallen.

It is an unusual thing to say but I can now love, and look forward to seeing, my Mum again. I had reached a point of exhaustion and found myself getting cross and often shouting with tiredness and exasperation.

I am almost 70 myself and felt that my life was on hold and seemed to spend all my time being a carer but having Mum in such a pleasant place as Moreland House has given me precious time with my husband.

Having experienced how beneficial Moreland House has been for Mum, not to mention ourselves, I have applied for a permanent place for her. Hopefully, this will be granted. They have almost completed a new wing to the home which, having seen a video of looks amazing and will be state of the art caring.

~ Maureen Fursedonne


Hello Michelle,

I just felt I needed to email you after a very good visit with my Mum (Doris) yesterday my best visit with her since she came home from hospital.  As you know Mum was discharged from Whipps Cross Hospital on the 17th January in a very poorly way and very underweight.  My brothers, sister and I feel if it hadn't been for the superb care and stimulation that Mum gets at Forest Place she would have given up.

Over the time Mum was in hospital and when she came home I was constantly on the phone to Forest Place speaking to staff about how Mum was.  Whenever I speak to a member of staff they are all so helpful and reassuring.  I speak for all of Doris's children when I say we are so pleased with the wonderful care you give our Mum. Our best wishes to all staff at Forest Place Janet, Michael, Sheila and Mark.

~ Doris Beute's Children


Hi Michelle

I can-not stress enough how delighted I am with all the care and attention you have all given me, Graham and our family and friends both before, during and after his stay. I have to admit that this is the first time in the two years Graham has received respite, that I have felt happy to leave him. All the staff members were so kind and helpful, nothing was too much trouble, and they had obviously read his book!

I am delighted with Graham's placement with you and hope this first visit will be just the beginning of a true and on-going partnership.

With our grateful thanks

~ Judith and Graham


Dear Devi, Michelle and Sue

We are writing to thank all of you at Forest Place for the care and support that you have given to Olive Griffiths and her family during the few weeks she was with you.

We were unable to look after her at home and Forest Place was the next bestthing. We felt from the beginning that you did all you could to make it as nearher home as possible for her and us. All of the staff, the nurses, the carers, the cleaners, the Activity ladies, and the administrators were so kind, friendly and helpful at all times. We really feel that a very sad experience has been turned into something very special. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Olives funeral is to take place on Tuesday 12th March. There will be a committalat Enfield Crematorium for the family, followed by a Service of Thanksgiving atthe United Reform Church in Buxton Road Chingford at 12.15pm. Any of you would be very welcome.

Sam and l were very interested to learn about your plans for future activities during the year, when we attended the Relatives Meeting last week. We think the concept of the Activity worker is superb and we know that Olive enjoyed Co|lette's contact with her. We are attaching a cheque which we would like to be used to support this work as a very tiny thank you for all you have done for us.

Yours sincerely

~ Pam and Sam Everton and John Griffiths


I am writing on behalf of the nephews and niece of Irene Whellams to place on record our appreciation of the efforts made by all the staff at Forest Place in looking after her in the months leading up to her death earlier this year. We know that our aunt had considerable misgivings about going into a care home prior to moving into Forest Place, but she adapted very quickly to living there. She had nothing but praise for the kindness of the staff and the way that they looked after her and helped her during those difficult times.

We were also made to feel welcome during our visits to see our Aunt. The staff were invariably friendly and helpful. We were impressed, also,by the high standards of the accommodation, and the effectiveness of the heating system during the cold weather.

One of us will drop by in the near future to deliver a thank you card and a token of our appreciation for the staff. We hope that commendations such as this letter will help you to attract new residents, and to continue to offer the same wonderful services as you provided to our aunt.

Thank you once again

Your faithfully

~ John Barclay


LILY CONNELL 24th April 1907 - 19th January 2012

The family would like to thank the staff of Forest Place Nursing Home for talking Lily to their hearts and for the loving care they gave her.

Their kindness was immeasurable She will be sadly missed by all who knew and loved her.

Our One in a million lovely Lily.



Dear Devi

Now that Dad, James Selfe, has lived at Forest Place for the past four months I thought I would write to let you know how pleased I am with the way he has been welcomed and looked after.

Although it took him a few weeks to settle, he instantly liked the food and the staff. The room you let my sister and I chose for him is excellent, with its doors that open onto a verandah. He has always been an outdoor person and was very much missing that in the hospital.

Whenever it is felt he needs a visit to the doctor or a change in medication your staff consult with me first and any concerns I have are dealt with immediately.

As we discussed with you, Dad prefers one to one company and walking. I am so pleased he has taken to Jan who takes him out on a weekly basis for a trip to the shops or just a walk. The time is very much appreciated as it must be difficult with so many residents for whom to care.

I have noticed that there is always a big beam for him from members of staff and vice versa with those he recognizes. He seems particularly attached to two ladies (I'm sorry, but his life was dominated by women so he probably finds females easier to get on with.) I do hope he is not chatting up too many of your lady members of staff. Dad is always a gentleman but does enjoy a flirt.

Dad seems to eat well and his health is as good as can be expected. I certainly have confidence in Forest Place to look after him and better than if he lived with me.

Most importantly, Dad says he likes being in the home although, of course, he often says he would prefer to be with his wife.

Kind regards

Yours sincerely

~ Susan W Kings(Mrs)


Dear Matron

Mom has been staying with you for over a year now, and we her family wants to thank you for all the case and attention you and your staff are showing to her.

We have noticed big change in her, for the better, I must add mom seems to enjoy her days now, whereas before she was just sat in front of the Television, not interacting with anyone.

Once mom moved from the hospital and who your home, with a lot of T,h.c. from your team, Mom started to improve, and even found her voice again.

We are sp pleased now that mom has been given a kind friendly environment in which  to gaie us much of her former self, as it's possible for her to do.

Thank you

~ David Norman and Pam Head


Minerva Langley

2nd July 2012

Dear Michelle,
As you will notice i've left the best until last!

Marion and I wanted to say thank you so much for the lovely way you interacted with dad, Jin Sege. To see his face light up and that beautiful beam of a smile as you came into the room was fantastic.

In recent years, of course, that smile was seen less and less as he struggled to hold on to his sanity.

His ashes were burned with mums on 23rd June and so we truly know they are together and dancing again.

Thank you for being you and making our lives more comfortable. May god bless you.

~ Susan and Marion


Dear Michelle,

I am writing in respect of Derek Gill who has been in your care for over one year now.

The change in Derek is quite amazing. When he first came into your care from Whipps Cross Hospital, he was quite a sick person and at a very low ebb. Gradually over the last 12 months he has improved beyond belief.

Inspite of being confined to bed with his acute M.S. he is as happy with life as I can remember over a very long time. I put this down entirely to the care and attention of your dedicated staff, they seem to be so attentive and nothing is too much trouble.

Please accept my sincere thanks for all you have and will do in the future.

If only all nursing homes could be like Forest Place.

Good luck for the future.

Yours Sincerely

~ R. Marl


I would like to thank Mary and her fabulous Parkside Team, for all the love, care and support given to my Dad, Harry.

Over the 5 years that Dad lived at Parkside, the Parkside 'Family' became part of my family and remains so, and I look forward to seeing you all soon.

I would particularly like to draw attention to the last week of Dad's life, it was such a relief to be able to get him back home from hospital, and to have that very special time with him in a familiar environment, safe, and with the very best care in the world - we couldn't have got through it so comfortably without you all.  Your kindness, support, care and love - for both of us - was tremendous.  I am also grateful to Nina & the Princess Alice Hospice, for their support.  Thank you all so much.

~ Niki


Jeff Hecker's (Relative of a Resident) letter to NHS Outer North East London PALS and Complaints Team.

Dear PCT, or whatever you call yourself now,

I wish to make you aware of the exemplary way that Abbey Care Complex, Newbury Park has looked after my mother over the past 2 years.  Unfortunately her dementia deteriorated just over a fortnight ago to the point that she could no longer sustain life and she sadly passed away very peacefully.

I have written to the care home on behalf of the family to thank them for all that they have done.  People can be very quick when it comes to criticising care and health services when they perceive things to be not quite right, often unfairly; sometimes criticism can be applied without due attention having been given to the demands and pressures placed on the 'system' and the people within it.  I understand fully that there have to be 'safeguards', that things have to be investigated, and that users of care and health services have to be protected.  However, good things should be acknowledged. (Maybe your contact details should specify 'complaints & compliments'!)

For your information, I would like you to have on record the note I sent to Mandy Lovell, manager at Abbey Care Complex, Newbury Park, and her staff, following the death of my mother the sentiment should be clear.  It reads as follows:

"Dear Mandy and staff,

On behalf of Phyllis Hecker and her family I would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Abbey Care for the care, comfort and support we have all received over the past 2 years. I wish I could remember all the names that have played a part over that time, but, alas, I cannot.

Since you, Mandy, took over in March you have been very attentive to our mother's needs and have been able to give Anne and me your time when we have needed it. You managed this despite taking on the challenge of injecting a new vibrancy and greater sense of professionalism into the running of the home, as well as overseeing significant improvements to the building itself and we are confident that, under your guidance, it can only improve.

You have some wonderful staff under your wing; some we know better than others, of course, but all those we have encountered have been committed, kind and caring, and we thank them sincerely for what they have done. The work of nurses and carers is difficult and challenging - a word that is much used, but is probably the one that sums things up best.

Staff have been superb in the way they have cared for Mum and we can't thank them enough; they have also been very supportive to the family, with Anne, in particular, always finding them with a free shoulder to cry on, great support to us all and having conversations with me and Anne about Mum's changing care needs, which we valued greatly. We would like to thank the night nursing and care staff, on duty when Mum died, for their practical but sensitive handling of events throughout the Friday evening and early hours of Saturday morning.

Staff have been magnificent in their efforts to entertain residents communally and individually. Much thought is put into what they do, and, clearly, their enthusiasm and dedication means they do a fair amount of preparation in their own time. Not only do we appreciate what they have done for Mum and other residents, but also the entertainment that we, as visitors, have experienced ….. presentations on Hungary, Yorkshire, London etc, live music, dolls that look like real babies (!): entertainment AND education.

We have nothing but praise, also, for the cleaning and kitchen staff, who have been friendly and helpful going about their work. The food has always looked pretty good and was appreciated by Mum when she was able to eat some of the 'proper' meals served up. The kitchen was responsive to Mum's changing needs for food and drink.

The receptionist for her welcoming manner, for sorting things out for us when they needed sorting, and for being kind and patient at all times.

Last but not least, we wish to thank the other residents for their part in making Abbey a good place in which to reside and visit. Over the years there we have met interesting and entertaining people who, despite not being in the best of health, could still enjoy a conversation and a sing-song, and whose manner could make the lounge a joyous place to be at times! We will always remember them as 'characters', despite, sadly, not knowing them when they were at their best. We wish the present residents and their families well.

We hope to maintain contact with the home as it is now part of the fabric of our family, and there are people there who we would like to see from time to time.

Thanks again."


Jeff Hecker


Reply from NHS team:

Thank you for your email.  Although, sadly, your mother has passed away it is good to know that she was well cared for.  This is a standard we strive to see all our provider services meet.  We know that some staff go 'over and above' but it's a caring attitude that makes such a difference.

Your compliments about Abbey Care Complex, Newbury Park,  have been passed to our Director and Senior Manager of Continuing Health Care services.

Kind regards, 

Karen Roach

Patient Satisfaction Lead (PALS and Complaints Team)


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